Anker is a foundation created to offer student apartments to students and apprentices. The foundation can also own and operate other things to ensure a healthy financial situation in the Company, and to subsidize the student apartments. Headquarter is situated in Storgaten 55, 0182 Oslo.


1970: Founded by LO Oslo and NHO Oslo.
1975: Buildings at Ankertorget came in use.
2001–2003: large expansion at Ankertorget.
2010: Anker Hotel builds 100 new rooms and a conference floor.
2009: Buys Trondheimsveien 37 and Wilsesgate 3 A og B.
2012: buys Strømsø Torg 7 and Torgeir Vraas Plass 13 in Drammen.
2013: opens 284 student apartments and the hotel Anker Apartment in Københavngata 10.
2014: buys a building at old Freia to build 133 new student apartments.
2016: buys Sandakerveien 76 to build 386 student apartments
2016: sells Strømsø Torg 7 and Torgeir Vraas Plass 13 in Drammen.

2018: Opening of 133 new student housing in Gøteborggata 8B (Freiabygget)
2019: Opening of 386 new student housing in Sandakerveien 76.